La Guerrilla Gardening (guerriglia giardinaggio) presuppone atteggiamenti (e ideali) controcorrente; è la guerra che si svolge nella città, contro il cemento. Poco distante dai palazzi che distruggono la natura, qualche ragazzo decide ridar vita alle piante – bombe semi, intere piantagioni illegali e azioni notturne sono i metodi di reazione degli ecologisti (e amanti della ganja) del terzo millennio.

Ecco 5 video che parlano di Ganja e Guerrilla Gardening,.

 download (13)The word Guerrilla was introduced in England during the Peninsular War, from the Spanish language:  it’s a diminutive of guerra , which means ‘war’. So “guerrilla gardening” is something “à rebours”, it is a fight in the city against the cement to support the Earth. Not so far from the buildings, everyday some guy decide to give life to the plants. Seedbombs, massive illegal plantation or night time action are the ways in which echologist (and weed lovers) of third millenium respond to  urbanization. Here’s 5 videos about Ganja Guerrilla Gardening, stories and image from all over the world.











One thought on “GANJA GUERRILLA GARDENING – 5 videos

  1. My business partner,Trip Ghetaway, & I are doing a crowd funding project via IndieGogo to go to Colorado and do a short Marijuana documentary on why we feel it’s better than both alcohol and prescription medicine not just from the point of opinion, but personal experience. There is not enough documentary videos out there showing the benefits of cannabis. We want to be the first to show how Colorado is like after the legalization.
    However we can not succeed this goal without your help. We need more like minded people to spread our crowd fund project video. Is there a way you can post an article about our project?
    It will not only help us but it will help the nation to see that cannabis should be legal thus improving the nation’s economy.

    We will definitely give credit in the documentary for your contribution.

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