Ecco una ricetta speciale: vi presentiamo il caffè all’hashish – ideale alla mattina, ma anche alla sera: se prestate attenzione all’incipit di Coffee and Cigarettes, l’hashcoffee potrebbe addirittura accelerare i vostri sogni.


1 pizzico di hash polverizzato (0.2 g)
4 cucchiaini di caffè arabo polverizzato
2 pizzichi di noce moscata
2 pizzichi di cannella in polvere
1 tazza da caffè
Zucchero (a piacere)
Caramello, crema o latte (a piacere)


Preparare il caffè, o in una pentola di caffè normale (solubile) o con una macchina da caffè. Aggiungere l’ hashish, la cannella e la noce moscata dopo avere travasato il caffè in una pentola da caffè turco; mettere a fuoco basso fino a ebollizione. Non appena il caffè inizia a bollire, rimuoverlo dal calore. Aggiungere crema, caramello e/o zucchero. Ecco la vostra tazza di caffè medicato!


Here is a special recipe: we present the  hashish coffee – ideal in the morning, but also at night: if you believe to the opening words of the movie Coffee and Cigarettes, maybe this coffee could accelerate your dreams 🙂


1 good pinch of pulverized hash
4 tsp finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha
2 pinches of ground nutmeg
2 pinches of ground cinnamon
1 pot of fresh brewed coffee
Sugar (to taste)
Creamer or milk (to taste)


Brew the coffee as you would normally, whether you prefer to make it in a regular coffee pot or one of the new fancy coffee machines that they’re coming out with now. Put all of the ingredients that you have (keep in mind that you can adjust the amount of hash that you put in to the mix to your preference if you’d like the coffee to be stronger or weaker). Put the mixture in to a Turkish coffee pot and put over a low flame until it starts to bubble. As soon as the coffee starts to bubble, remove it rom the heat. Add in your creamer and sugar as you like and enjoy your cup of medicated coffee!

Source: The weed blog

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